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Position Title: Program Aide        
Departmental Title: Adult Daily Living Center        
Supervisorís Title: Program Director/Nurse         

Program Aides are responsible to assist activity director and/or nurse in implementing recreational, social, daily living and community reintegration activities for the participants.
Provide oral medications to participants as prescribed in the absence of the nurse. Provide other care as indicated and trained. 

1. High school diploma preferred, but not essential.
2. Obtain and maintain Department of Public Welfare Medication Certification for Adult Day Care Personnel.
3. CPR & First Aid (can be obtained after hire).
4. Work or volunteer experience in long term care, physical rehabilitation, adult day care, or other setting with disabled and elderly adults desirable.  

1. Assist participants with daily living activities as needed (i.e. toileting, feeding, and personal hygiene). Be able to safely and properly operate and utilize equipment to assist with ADLís such as lifts, and scales. Escort participants to ancillary services appointments.
2. Implement recreational, social daily living, 1:1 and community reintegration activities in conjunction with the Activity Coordinator. Participate in and contribute to activity planning meetings. Assist with set-up/tear-down of furniture as needed for activity. Obtain adequate and appropriate equipment and environment for activity.
3. Obtain and maintain medication administration certification, give, and document oral medications, either daily or prn, as prescribed in accordance with DPW regulations.
4. Document functional status of each participant monthly. Complete other documentation as needed. Participate in and contribute to care plan/program planning meetings.
5. Maintain a safe, secure and clean environment. Supervise participants during break time and unstructured time.
6. Assist to maintain adequate supplies and condition of equipment.
7. Participate in continuing education to maintain certifications and to obtain required 24 hour contact hour/year.
8. Assist with continuing quality improvement projects.
9. Support other staff as needed and perform duties as assigned by director.



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