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Position Title: Dietary Worker      
Departmental Title: Food Services Department      
Supervisor’s Title: Assistant Dietary Manager, Dietary Supervisor        

Dietary Workers are responsible for assembling, serving, delivering foods to residents according to planned menu; and return disposal of food waste in safe and hygienic manner.

1. High school graduate or equivalent preferred.
2. Will provide on-the-job training.

1. Practices safe food handling procedures.
2. Works on tray line at designated position, reading tray tags and placing appropriate items on trays.
3. Practices portion control measures.
4. Transports food trucks to within department and to/from Nursing department.  Prepares and delivers H.S. snacks to resident care stations.
5. Transports lowerators, dollies, racks, dishes to designated area.
6. Scrapes trays and/or disposes of leftovers to facilitate cleanup of dishes, pots, and pans.
7. Performs scheduled cleaning tasks, including sanitizing food carts.
8. Assists with end of shift and department duties, ie. transporting equipment, cleaning and sanitizing of floors and equipment, wrapping silverware, turning off equipment and plugging in the next days designated equipment..
9. Restocks tray line with foods to be served and supplies as needed.
10. Answers phone, takes messages and makes tray tag changes as needed.
11. Checks menus and tally guide sheets for items served.
12. Assists with setting up tray line stations.  Checks temperatures and reports out of range temperatures.
13. Puts food in appropriate storage area upon delivery.
14. Assists with cold prep in dishing/wrapping/storing foods.
15. Completes data entry for select tickets.
16. Reports to work on assigned shifts according to posted schedule.  Flexibility to change schedule as needed.
17. Demonstrates actions that promote excellent dining experience for residents in their neighborhood and/or with specific needs.

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