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Position Title:         Kitchen Utility Worker – Clubhouse    
Departmental Title: Food Services Department    
Supervisor’s Title: Kitchen Manager/Chef    

Kitchen Utility Workers are responsible for washing all dishes, pots, pans, silverware and kitchen utensils.  Responsible for general kitchen cleaning.

Experience/Knowledge Requirements:
1. High school graduate or equivalent preferred.
2. Provide on-the-job training

Essential Functions:

 1. Operate dish washing machine, check gauges to assume proper temperatures and daily cleaning of the machine.

 2. Loads and unloads the dish washer, inspecting dishes for cleanliness.

 3. Wash pots and pans according to established procedure.

 4. Load hot food carts for GLH Dining Room each meal.

  5. Wash floors, walls, hoods, and all other areas needs to maintain clean and sanitary kitchen.

 6. Empty trash and garbage and clean and sanitize containers.

 7. Clean steam pot(s), convection ovens, and dish dollies.

  8. Record wash and rinse temperatures of dish machine at each meal period.

 9. Sweep and mop entire kitchen floor.

 10.Performs scheduled cleaning tasks.

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