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Position Title: Child Care Worker     
Departmental Title: Childrenís Home     
Supervisorís Title: Director & Assist. Director of Child Serv.  

Child Care Workers are responsible to provide nurturing care, supervision, guidance, and discipline to the children in our care.


1. Qualified by certification of Act 33.

2. Must meet the Department of Public Welfare required 40 hours of annual in-service training to include First Aid, CPR, Fire Safety, and the Heimlich Driving, Masonic Village, Resident Advocacy, and Medication Administration.

3. Must possess a current motor vehicle operatorís license from the state of Pennsylvania.

4. At least 21 years of age, high school graduate or equivalent with one year experience involving the supervision of a group of children or experience of a practical nature with children.  Preferred training through graduation from a four-year college or university, majoring in social work, sociology, education, or a related field.


1. Establishes and maintains good rapport and credibility with children in our care. Has close personal interchange with children. Maintains appropriate boundaries and professional relationship.

2. Manage living units and provide a home-like environment for childrenís cottages. Reports cottage needs and maintenance items.

3. Accountable for childrenís whereabouts, participates in and supervises all childrenís activities in daily living including work, recreation, church and study

4. Maintains positive communication with families, volunteers, college students, professionals, alumni, employees, and visitors in person and through telephone contact.

5. Models good decision-making responsibility, communication, planning, and related activities.

6. Assumes duty shifts according to schedule.

7. Performs housekeeping duties such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, and filing.

8. Completes required paperwork including childrenís savings accounts, clothing shopping accounts, ISPís, food orders, whereabouts charts, medication logs, fire charts, incident reports, allowance charts, visiting forms, vehicle logs, insurance forms, sign out forms, transport charts, calendars, study logs, receipts for shopping and activities.

9. Maintains good communication with other staff through written or oral exchange of pertinent information through overlap meetings and the log.

10.Trained in the use of  passive restraint concepts, uses preventative techniques to deescalate behavior, enforces routine and guidelines, assigns appropriate consequences, and reports incidents.

11.Attends scheduled staff meetings, cottage meetings, educational meetings, team meetings etc.

12.Transports children to appointments, shopping, work, school, church, and recreational activities.

13.Understands and consistently follow through with procedures and policies established by the supervisory staff.


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