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Position Title:  Transportation Driver     
Departmental Title:  Activities Department   
Supervisorís Title: Activities Director

Transportation Drivers are responsible for transporting Masonic Village residents to assigned medical appointments and recreation activities.  And run miscellaneous errands as assigned.


1. High school graduate or equivalent preferred.
2. Possesses a current CDL motor operatorís license from the State of Pennsylvania, desired but not required.


1. Operate all vehicles used for transportation of Masonic Villages passengers in a safe and efficient manner.
2. Check general operation of all vehicles with special attention to daily checks of all safety equipment.  Report vehicle equipment malfunctions and need for service to Maintenance Department immediately.
3. Check general operation of all vehicles and maintain log for:
        A. Daily safety checks (Tires, windshield, seat belts, lights, brakes, turn signals, etc)
        B. All fluid levels weekly (oil, windshield fluids, brake and transmission, etc)
        C. Gas tank maintained at least half tank.  Tanks should be filled before any     
             resident trip more than a 4 mile distance.
        D.  Check weekly that all tires are inflated to recommended pressure.
        E. Assure all documentation is current and available in vehicle including
                           1. Current insurance card
                           2. Current inspection sticker
                           3. Current registration
                           4. Vehicle log kept current and includes trips and destinations and v
                              vehicle checks
                           5. Keep all vehicles neat and clean
4. Assist passengers in and out of vehicles in accordance with their physical abilities.
5. Operate Masonic Villages vehicles for the purpose of transporting Masonic Villages residents and guest to medical appointments and resident trips.
6. Participate in programs as directed.
7. Take residents to medical appointments and other destinations as assigned.
8. Pick up and deliver material for other departments as directed. Transport deposits to banks and secure petty cash as directed.
9. Report any unusual incidents to supervisor or administration office.

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