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Position Title: Marketing Counselor      
Departmental Title: Marketing & Outreach                  
Supervisor’s Title: Marketing Manager          


Responsible for marketing and completing sale of Retirement Living facilities including apartments and cottages to prospective residents.

1. Training gained through graduation from a four-year college or university with an emphasis in business administration or any equivalent combination of training or experience.
2. Knowledge of computer and MS Office, and be willing to progress in knowledge and use of the same.  
3. Previous sales experience is necessary with knowledge of the senior housing market preferred.
4. Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both on the phone and in person with all individuals.
5. Ability to deal with other adults in a warm, compassionate, and understanding manner.
6. At all times present a mature, positive and professional appearance and attitude when dealing with prospective residents, visitors, and staff.
7. Display initiative, persistence, and follow through capabilities while maintaining a positive attitude. 

1. Makes a minimum average of three (3) net sales per month when units are available.
2. Adds a minimum average of two (2) new priority applications per month.
3. Develops and maintains a list of qualified resident for occupancy of turnover cottages and apartments.
4. Makes phone contacts to prospective residents of the Retirement Living to follow up after visits, appointments, and correspondence with prospective residents.
5. Maintains organized lead files so that prospective residents are contacted on a regular basis in an organized manner.
6. Assists in showing prospective residents through the Retirement Living facilities and provides information to visitors.                                                   

7. Assists prospective residents through the entire application and move-in process.
8. Assists in projects, programs, and other related marketing responsibilities of the Masonic Village as directed by the Marketing Manager.  


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