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Position Title: Chef          
Departmental Title: Food Services Department      
Supervisor’s Title: Culinary Services Manager    

Responsible for providing work schedules and assignments to a group of non-exempt employees or a small group of professionals.  Employees supervised will have similar

occupational skills as the supervisor.  May conduct performance reviews and process payroll.  Recommends, and may conduct disciplinary action and is involved in resolution.

1. Graduate of an accredited school of the culinary arts or college preferred.
2. Four years previous experience in food processing with supervisory responsibility in a community, restaurant, college or fine dining setting.
3. Good written and oral communication and proficient with computer software.
4. Currently ServeSafe certification recommended.

1. Assists in planning, organizing, directing and supervising activities related to Clubhouse Kitchen.  Assist in developing and implementing short and long term goals for

Clubhouse Kitchen.
2. Follows and enforces policies, procedures, and methods of food production to achieve objectives and to comply with regulatory requirements, including but not limited to

safety and sanitation.
3. Orients new employees and instructs and trains them in work procedures which are essential for all food service operations.
4. Establishes and monitors work flow to promote efficiency in food processing functions. Institutes and monitors a quality control and accuracy program to assure meals served

are according to cycle menu.  Responsible for developing and implement training program for production staff in order to continue to upgrade their production skill. 
5. Work within and maintain annual operating and capital budget for food service areas of the Clubhouse Kitchen.
6. Performs quarterly small wares inventory and order.  Tracks and develops list of small wares recommendations on a yearly basis.  Works with Culinary Services Manager

regarding Capital recommendations & purchases.
7. Arranges work schedules and assigns duties by managing coordinating Job Analysis and Cleaning Schedules to each job number in the budget cost center. Manages employees

schedule, time records, and processes bi-weekly payroll.  Use Employee Attendance Form to track call outs, and approved requested time.
8. Plans menus according to the Food Service Department requirements for the Retirement living sector of the community Submit menu suggestions and recommendations to Culinary

Services Manager.
9.Monitors and inventories over-produced foods.  Insures foods are properly chilled or frozen and marked for designated future use.  Follow procedure for use of leftover foods. 

Assures that the kitchen staff is aware of, and follow, up-to-date food handling procedures in accordance with ServSafe and HAACP practices.  This would include recommendations

for updated training and/or equipment.
10. Holds daily production meetings with all staff on duty.  Review next day's menu.  Review problems with today's menu.  Record attendance and meeting contents on Daily

Production Meeting Form. 
11. Develops menus and coordinates production of monthly dinner buffet as well as all holiday menus and functions.
12. Expedites lunch and dinner service.  Act as liaison between dining room and kitchen staff, working with the dining room supervisors and residents.  When appropriate, will

answer food related comments in person, in dining room, during service times.
13. Assigns daily non-routine cleaning tasks to appropriate personnel and follows-up.  Performs weekly sanitation inspections and develops corrective action plans for

improvement.  Insures deficiencies are corrected.  Forwards results to the Culinary Services Manager.
14. Maintains required records in CI software management system, to manage, track & report, menus, standardized recipes, food temperatures, production & waste, and other

appropriate records as directed.  Manage forecasted counts by reviewing production counts to waste to help control food costs.  Process orders by using CI to calculate & process

all vendor orders by CI PO export, fax or phone.



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